What's New in Farmbrite?

Browse the links below to check out our monthly updates. Each link goes in depth into the features released that month, with additional links and videos explaining the new features and how to use them.


Whats New - June 2024
Check out what's new in Farmbrite for June 2024 - mobile push notifications, scanning electronic IDs, and crop plan enhancements.
What's New - May 2024
Take a look at all the new reporting enhancements in Farmbrite for May 2024.
What's New - April 2024
Check out recent enhancements to livestock breeding, livestock purchases, and inventory usage.
What's New - March 2024
Check out the new features in Farmbrite for March 2024 - new user roles, QR Codes for inventory items, and Zapier templates!
What's New - February 2024
Check out all the new features available in Farmbrite for February 2024, including Audit Log reporting and updates to the task system.
What's New - January 2024
See what's new in Farmbrite for January 2024, including a new budgeting tool for the new year!
What's New - December 2023
Check out how you can create custom fields for your animals, plants, equipment, and more in this recent update.
What's New - November 2023
See what's new in your Farmbrite system for November 2023 with enhancements to financial reports and a new feature for balance sheets.
What's New - October 2023
Check out all the accounting and financial upgrades in Farmbrite this month - customizable categories, split transactions, and new reports!
What's New - September 2023
Check out how to import your farm map, sell multiple animals at once, and add your harvest to your inventory in this month's update!
What's New - August 2023
What's new in Farmbrite for August 2023 - task updates, bulk plantings, new export filters, and more.
What's New - July 2023
Explore recent updates and new features for Farmbrite in July 2023 including Zapier integrations and climate log tracking.
What's New - June 2023
Sync your Farmbrite calendar, geolocate tasks, and give your customers an enhanced market experience in this latest Farmbrite update.