How are Active Animals counted for my Farmbrite Subscription Plan?

When you sign up for a Farmbrite account, you choose a subscription plan that meets your business needs. Different plans offer unique features or additional content and capabilities. You might need certain accounting reports, RFID scanning abilities, enhanced equipment tracking, or an online marketplace to sell your products; you'll choose higher subscription tiers to unlock these upgrades.  Some plans include a maximum number of active livestock animals that you can track at any given time. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, the number of active animals differs per subscription level. Lite allows 100, Rancher 250, Plus increases to 1250, and Complete includes 2500. If you have one of those plans, you might wonder what qualifies an animal as "active" and thus counts them towards your allotted amount. This count is based on animal status. You'll find this status field when editing a livestock record. Let's take a look at some examples and statuses to clarify how we calculate this.

You'll find the status field when editing an animal or livestock group. Note all of the choices shown in the screenshot above. These statuses can help you filter reports and create live stock groups, and you can learn more about how to use them in this article. The table below shows you which statuses count towards your active animal count for your subscription. 

Counted Active StatusesUncounted Archived Statuses
Off Farm

The archived statuses in the right column above are useful for tracking your livestock history. For example, you might use the Reference status when tracking the genealogy of your livestock. This allows you to create records for a past generation of animals that were not on your farm, but are still important for your breed and lineage history. We want you to be able to have accurate records of your previous livestock without counting towards your maximum, so be sure to use these statuses when you butcher, cull, or sell your livestock as well. Also, be aware that if you use Set Groups to track some of your livestock, the Set Group will count as a single animal in your subscription. So a flock of chickens or colony of bees tracked as a Set Group is seen as a single animal and only counted once towards your total. 

If you hit your maximum active animal count but still need to track more animals, you can upgrade your subscription to the next tier level. This can be done directly from your Farmbrite account. Check out this help article for step by step instructions. We're glad to talk to you about this as well; feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions. 

Note -We routinely update and improve Farmbrite based on customer feedback, so if you find other statuses in your account that you don't see here, let us know and we'll be glad to help you determine if they are active or archived.