Exporting Transactions

Are you here looking for a way to get transactions into Quickbooks or another financial software? Check out our article about integrating with Zapier, as it may provide a simpler solution for getting you data into another system. 

If you'd like to download a spreadsheet of your Farmbrite accounting transactions, you can do so from your Farmbrite Transactions list. Navigate to Accounting from the left navigation menu and you'll land on a page displaying your transactions. Just click the Actions Menu (...) next to the Record a Transaction button, and you'll have two choices; Download Records and Download All Records. 

Download Records gets you a .csv file of the records currently shown on the page. If you've filtered your transactions for a specific date, type, or payee, the export will only include the records that meet the search criteria. 

Download All Records gets you a .csv download of all records in that section, regardless of the filters you have set.