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Keeping Track of Your Tasks in Farmbrite

Farmbrite's Tasks feature is an easy way to manage all the work that needs to be done around your farm and business.

A task is basically a "to-do" - similar to a calendar event, except that you can assign the work to another Farmbrite user, and also keep track of the status of the task - when it's in progress, complete, etc. 

If you have any tasks assigned for today, you will see them on your Farmbrite hompage. If you don't have any yet, select Tasks from the left navigation menu. 

Adding a Task 

You can add a new task by clicking on the green 'New Task' button. 

You’ll be prompted to provide information about the task. When is it due? Who should it be assigned to? You can provide a short description of what needs to be done, and then optionally associate the tasks with Livestock, Fields, or Equipment too. You can even add a checklist to the Task if it involves multiple steps, and select what color it should be displayed as on your Task List. After supplying the information, click Create to add this to your Task List, 

Assigning Tasks

When you create or edit a task, you can select a user to assign the task to. When you assign the task that user will receive an email notification that a task was assigned. For a full walkthrough of this feature, check out this related article - How do I assign a task to someone at my facility? Task assignment requires multiple users in your account, which is only available on certain plan types.

Completing Tasks

You can mark a task complete by clicking on the circle in the left hand column. You'll see a green check mark appear, and the task will be crossed off your to-do list. 

Deleting Tasks

If you need to remove a task from your List, you can delete it by clicking the red X icon in the right hand column. Be careful though - once deleted, a task cannot be restored. 

Using the Board View 

Farmbrite knows that some tasks will require more tracking than just marking them as complete. That's why we've created the Board View, which allows you to see your tasks in progressive sequential buckets. Perhaps you'd like to keep some tasks in progress for a while as they are being worked on, or maybe you need to create a prioritized list of the most important upcoming tasks that are "on deck". You can learn all about using the Board View in this article - How do I use the Board View to track my Tasks?

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