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Updating tasks in Farmbrite

Tasks are an easy way to manage all the work that needs to be done.  A task is similar to a calendar event, except that you can assign the work to another Farmbrite user as well as mark the item complete.

On the mains tasks page, you will see a list of all incomplete tasks. From here you can search for a task using the search bar in the top right, or if you have multiple user’s in your Farmbrite account you can filter the list to just tasks assigned to a single user. This is a convenient way provide a work order for a series of tasks or a day’s worth of work to your farm hands.

Adding a task

You can add a new task by clicking on the green 'New Task' button. You’ll be prompted to provide information about the task. Any tasks that are assigned to you and due either today or in the past will also appear on your dashboard.

Click on the Red “X” in the right actions column to delete the task from Farmbrite. 

(Note: Deleted records cannot be recovered.)

Completing Tasks

You can mark a task complete by clicking on the click box in the left hand column.

Assigning Tasks

When you create or edit a task, you can select a user to assign the task to. When you assign the task that user will receive an email notification that a task was assigned.

View Completed Tasks

You can view completed tasks by clicking on the ‘Show Completed Tasks’ link above the list of tasks.

Task assignment requires multiple users in your account, which is only available on certain plan types.

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