Animal Details

When creating or editing an animal you can capture a variety of information about each animal. Including the following information:

Basic Information

  • Animal Type: Chicken, Cow, Goat, etc.
  • Name: The name or label you want to give this animal
  • Keywords: Enter any keywords that to categorize or search for this animal later (separate by commas)
  • Status: Choose from Active, Archived, Butchered, Culled, Diseased, Dry, Lactating, Lost, Off Farm, Quarantined, Reference, Sick, Sold, Weaning.
  • Breeding Status (if female): Choose from (Open, Exposed, Pregnant)
  • Location/Paddock- If  the animal is currently grazing, it's location will be displayed here. 

Physical Characteristics

  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Coloring
  • Description of the animal


  • Tag Number and color
  • Registry and Other Tag information

Birth Information

  • Date of birth
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Birth Weight
  • Whether you raised or purchased the animal

If you purchased the animal you can also enter

  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Price
  • Who you purchased from

Additional Information

  • Primary Contact (Vet) (You’ll need to have created one or more contact records to link to)
  • Feed Information and Cost
  • Breeder- If this animal was purchased, you'll see who you bought it from here. 

Custom Fields

If you need to track additional data beyond the standard fields, you can create custom fields for your livestock as well. Note: this feature is only available on Farmbrite's Plus and Premium Plans.

When editing an animal, you call also access the following features (depending on your plan type).

  • Notes
  • Calendar
  • Yield
  • Accounting
  • Genealogy
  • Images
  • Files

Animal Actions

From the animal’s detail tab you can perform a few actions on the animal:

  • Sell the animal
  • Bred the animal (Female animals only)
  • Record a Birth (Female animals only)

Click one of the actions in the top right of the details page to sell, breed, or record a birth for an animal.

Selling an Animal

When clicking the ‘Sell Animal’ button you will be prompted to provide notes about the sale as well as information about the price and buyer. You can select to automatically have the sale recorded as income in Farmbrite by checking the ‘Record Income Transaction’ check-box. Additionally, if you select the ‘Generate a Bill of Sale’ check-box a editable, pre-filled, bill of sale will be generated for you which you can print and provide to your buyer. Your animal will automatically be marked as ‘Sold’ when you complete this process.

Breeding an Animal

Clicking the ‘Bred Animal’ button (available on females only), will prompt you to enter notes about the breeding. When saving that form the status of your animal will be changed to ‘Bred’.

Recording a Birth

There are a number of ways to record births in Farmbrite, but the easiest is to select the ‘Record a Birth’ button on the birthing mother. This will prompt you to enter information about the new offspring and will automatically associate that animal to it’s mother. You can easily record multiple births by clicking the button, entering information, saving and then clicking ‘Record a Birth’ again. 

Note: The birth date of the new offspring will be defaulted to today.

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