Can I add different types of animals to Farmbrite?

Farmbrite is made to be versatile for many types of agricultural businesses. It comes preloaded with a multitude of animal types by default. Cattle, chicken, goats, horses, pigs, and sheep are commonly used, and we even offer more unique livestock like elk, reindeer, and alpacas. You could track fish farming operations with salmon, trout, and catfish, or utilize additional aviary flocks like turkey, goose, emu, or ducks too! Raise ostriches? We got you covered! 

Try as we might to cover the vast possibilities of livestock operations, if you raise an animal type that you don't immediate see as available in Farmbrite, we want to know about it! We love hearing about unique agricultural operations, and beyond our curiosity and interest, we want to  see if we can help make Farmbrite work better for you.  If you need us to add a new type of animal to your system, please reach out to us and let us know, and be prepared to tell us all about it!

For instance, in the case of raising oysters a customer needed us to add shellfish to the list of animal types so that they could keep track of their off-shore oyster farm.  How cool is that! 

The abundant diversity of animal life on this planet is stunning, and the unique and creative ways that we have learned to steward these creatures is equally impressive.  - William MacDougal, renowned groundskeeper.