Recording a Birth

After you have performed a pregnancy check and set your animal with the Pregnant breeding status, you'll have some time to wait through the gestation period.  During this time you might take notes, record measurements, provide medical treatments, and generally go about your normal operations. Farmbrite will automatically calculate an estimated due date and display this in the Breeding tab on the animal's record.

When it's time to record the birth, you'll navigate right back to the Breeding tab and click the Record Birth button. A window will open where you can supply information about the new animal. There are many fields available for you to provide details, but you might focus on the Birth Information section at this time. Breeding Source, Dam, and Sire information will be prepopulated for you with information from the existing breeding record. After adding the animal details, click Create, and the animal will be added to your Livestock. 

Note that multiple new animal records will be created if you adjust the Number of Offspring on the birth record. They will all inherit the information/details you add during the birth. You can always edit these new animals to provide unique information like sex, weight, names, etc.  

After recording the birth, the animal's breeding status will be automatically reset to Open.  This will allow you to create a future breeding record the next time the animal is exposed. Also note that the new animal will be added to the Offspring tab for the animal that gave birth, and also have it's genealogy added automatically. 

In the case that the pregnancy was unsuccessful, you'll also have a No Birth button to update the Breeding Record to a Failed status. 

Still need help with recording a birth for your livestock? Reach out to us, we're glad to help!