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Overview of Users & Roles

Farmbrite lets you collaborate with other users (Employees, farmhands, etc). Depending on your type of account you can add a certain amount of users to your Farmbrite account. On the top right hand side of the page there is a tab called Account. Under this there is a Users tab. This is the page where you see a list of all your users.

To Edit a user:

Click on the Name of the user to Edit a user. You will then be able to edit their first and last name, display name, email, type of user and if they want to receive reminder emails (about tasks and calendar items.

To Delete a User:

Click on the red “X” to remove the user. Note Deleted records cannot be recovered.

Managing Users

When adding or editing users you can store the following information with each user:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Display name
  • Avatar
  • Email
  • Send Schedule Reminder Emails
  • User role

When you add a new user, they will receive an email inviting them to collaborate with you and to create a new password for their login.

Password Reset

You can reset your password at any time on the main page of Farmbrite. Or as an Admin user you can reset passwords on the user level by going to the individual user and clicking change password.

Note: If you are not receiving the password reset emails you must whitelist Farmbrite emails as safe in your email and server. If you are not seeing these emails, check your spam folder.

User Roles

Farmbrite users can be assigned various roles - Admin, Farmhand, Auditor, or Read Only. 

Admin users can manage account information such as billing, market and user roles,  while Farmhands cannot. The Auditor role is designed to allow your accountant to access financial data in the system but not make changes, and the Read Only role is used to let someone view your basic info for Livestock and Crops, but not see financial or market information. 

Admin User Role:

The admin user role has access to all the features you have access to on your account. This is based on your plan type. You can see the different plan types here. The Admin user role also has access to the setting and account account information, billing & payment history and user roles. 

Farmhands User Role:

Farmhands will not see or have access to everything that the Admin user sees. Depending on your plan the Farmhand user will see:

The Dashboard, Schedule, Tasks, Livestock, Crops, Equipment, Contacts, Reports, their profile information and Help link.

When you create a task for them they will get an email that says they need to create a user name and password. Before, or as you create the new task, you should send them an email letting them know to expect this email from you.

Read Only User Role

The Read Only Role is designed to allow you to give access to a user to see only Schedule, Tasks, Livestock, Crops, Resources, and Contacts. They cannot make any changes to these sections - they can't add animals or crops, nor make any updates to them at all. This role might be assigned to someone who you want to view your data, but not give access to financial information like the Auditor Role.

Auditor User Role

The Auditor User Role has access to every section of Farmbrite, but cannot make any updates to any of them. It functions like a Read Only role, but has additional access to see Accounting and Report data. This role might be helpful for your accountant or bookkeeper. 

User Passwords

If you need a reset a user password, simple click on the “Reset Password” link on the main page. The user will receive an email with a link to change their password. You can also change the password for them as an Admin user.