How do I update the animals included in a Smart Group?

Smart Groups are created by using filters to find animals with common characteristics. You might create groups based on Type, Breed, Birth Date/Age, Gender, Breeding Status, and so on. New animals that meet the group's filter criteria are automatically added to the Smart Group, but what if you need to change those filters and add or remove additional animals? You can do that by editing the Smart Group. 

Navigate to Livestock, and then choose Groups. From there, select your Smart Group. 

After selecting your Smart Group, choose  Edit Group in the upper right. 

All of the filters used to determine the animals eligible for this Smart group are displayed. Update them as you see fit to include additional livestock, or exclude those who should no longer be part of the Smart Group. In our example below, we're changing our Female Bison Herd to an Exposed Bison Herd, as we are no longer going to filter by gender, and will now include intact males with our female breeding stock.

Be sure to click Save in the bottom right once you are finished. 

Your Smart Group will be updated, and all the animals who fit your criteria will now be included.