Dashboard (Home)

The dashboard (home) page in Farmbrite lets you quickly access weather updates, your task list, and other helpful information at-a-glance. These charts and graphs give valuable insight into your agricultural operation. Read below for more details into the specific information you will see.  


The weather widget is the first item that you see in the dashboard. It will show you a map and the local weather information for your farm for the next 8 days. It will also provide access to additional detailed forecast information and hourly forecast information. It will show the temperature per hour in your area and probable precipitation. 

To see this data you will need to enter your address in the account section. 

Dashboard charts and graphs

Your dashboard provides a snapshot of your farm activities.  

Today's task list

On the left hand side of your screen you will see any tasks that are assigned to you, due today or past due. To view all tasks, click the ‘View All Tasks’ link. To create new tasks, simply go to the "Tasks" section under the schedule tab. 

Animal breeding statuses

This will show you a pie chart of the percentage of livestock you have that has been bred. The chart will breakdown your animals into "Not bred", "Exposed", "Open", and "Unknown". For a more detailed list click on "View all animals" to be taken to your livestock section. 

Fields planted

A pie chart will display once you have fields. Then it will show you the percentage of them that are planted vs fallow. For more information on the fields click on "View all fields" below.

Income vs Expense

See an at-a-glance view of your income and expenses. For more detail click on the "Accounting" link below.

Crop Coverage (Acres planted)

This pie chart will show you the type of plants you have planted in percentage.

Grazing Info

This chart will show you the amount of animals you have grazing, the amount of fields you have being grazed, and the average number of days in the field. To gain more insight into your grazing click on "View fields being grazed".

Upcoming Harvests

This chart shows an overview of your harvests. For more detail click, "View fields".

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