What's New - December 2023

We know that different businesses have different needs, and we have always strived to make Farmbrite customizable to fit them. Farmers and ranchers have specific ways of doing things, and particular requirements for the data they need to gather. The animals that you raise might have special measurement or treatment requirements,  while the crops that you harvest may need certification tracking data that is unique to your state or country. Perhaps you are very meticulous about your farm equipment and want to track more information than the standard fields that are included in Farmbrite. To cover all of this and more, we've spent this month focused on one of our most requested features, while still adding a few other helpful updates and enhancements. 

You'll now be able to create custom fields to track the data that is unique to your operation to further customize your Farmbrite systemThese can be in various formats like text boxes, drop down menus or checkbox selections.  You can filter the custom fields to only show up on animals and crops that meet specific criteria, and then compile the data in custom reports.  You'll have many options to get just want you're looking for!

You can create custom fields to track data on the following record types:

  • Livestock

  • Livestock Treatments

  • Livestock Yields

  • Livestock Measurements

  • Plantings

  • Planting Treatments

  • Planting Harvests

  • Crop Types

  • Equipment

  • Grow Location Treatments

Check out all the types of fields you can create in these examples:

We're curious about how you'll use these, and encourage you to reach out and let us know what you create

Note: Custom fields are only available on Farmbrite's Plus and Premium Plans. Check out this article for information about upgrading. 

Beyond the ability to create custom fields, we've also worked on a few other user community requests.

  • Warehouses have been expanded to allow for capacity to be tracked at a warehouse level, not just individual bins. This helps you track the capacity of single storage locations like silos, tanks, or cisterns.

  • You can now filter your map by location type, displaying only the locations you want to see. Just want to see your fields, but not the beds in them? Maybe animal enclosures, but not grazing fields? You can easily filter the map to see just what you want now.

  • Speaking of maps, you can now import map locations with a single GPS point, allowing for a single plot point item like a windmill or feeder.

  • We have updated the Account Settings page to allow for a selection of "No Frost Dates" to help our warm climate users more easily plant their crops without accounting for cold weather.

  • You can now set a purchase price on a Set Group to track the initial costs of your flocks and herds.

  • Perennial crops are now designated with a new icon on your plantings to help you easily distinguish them from annuals.

  • Grazing records will be automatically ended for animals that are moved to butchered, culled, or deceased status to save you time and help avoid mistakes.

  • You can now report on your Equipment Value on custom reports to give you a better way to compile the equity in those assets.