Setting Up Farm Boxes and CSA Memberships As Products

Setting up your Farm Boxes or CSA shares

CSA or Community Support Agriculture is a great way to get fresh produce to your community and sell your produce. You can do this in a number of ways. 

The first way is that you could set up a one time CSA payment and then have them pick up their shares every week during the growing season. This price is often more since the customer is helping with the upfront costs that the farmer is taking on.

Another option is to offer a weekly or monthly CSA box. This is a little different than the yearly box since the customer pays monthly in smaller amounts. But if they are often away or don't need as much produce this is a good option for them.

For the Weekly CSA box option there are a few ways which you could set it up.

1.) Create an option for a weekly CSA that changes each week and you decide what goes in the box. You can give examples on your site of possibilities that might go into the box but you are a little vague about exactly what they will get that week. You could enter some possibilities that you are growing in the description and photos.

2.) You can offer a few weekly CSA box options. Pick out of box A, B or C (or whatever number of combinations you see fit). Then they can pick which one they want. These descriptions would be much more specific. 

3.) The third option you could offer is an à la carte option where they pick several items that they want in their box. You could give them an amount. Pick 7 items from this list that will be included in your box. 

There are many ways to set up your shop and CSA boxes. Have you done something different than our examples? Reach out to us and tell us about it!