What's New - June 2023

Welcome to June! You've been hard at work outside preparing for the upcoming summer, and we're also working hard to enhance your Farmbrite experience with new features and options. Check out this recap of our recently released features, browse through some of the linked articles,  and let us know if you have any questions.

Market Enhancements - Taxes, Promo Codes, and Bulk Select Orders

If you use the Market section to sell products, you'll now have the options to automatically apply taxes and add promotional discount codes in your Online Store!  Here are some details you'll need to know: 

  • Both of these new features require some set up in Farmbrite and in your Stripe account, so be sure to read through those articles linked above for a full configuration walkthrough.
  • The taxes will be automatically calculated based on the address of your customer purchasing through your Farmbrite Online Store, and you can assign specific tax categories to your different products to be sure they are taxed correctly. 
  • For the promotional codes, you can now give your customers percentage and amount based discounts, and have those coupons limited to certain products, time frames, or number of redemptions.
  • You can also now select multiple orders at once from your Orders list, and mark them complete. This should help you streamline operations when you're packing and shipping orders out the door. 

Inventory Updates - Treatments,  Equipment Services, and Reports

The Inventory system has been updated in a few ways as well. You can now subtract from your inventory when adding treatments to your livestock and crops, or performing services on your equipment. This helps you keep track of what you're using so you can be sure to restock before you run out. There are also two new Inventory Summary Reports to show you the quantity on hand and location of all your inventory items. You'll also find new options to track model year of your equipment, and it's current insurance status. 

New Custom Report Enhancements

We've also made enhancements to the custom report creation process. The entire experience has been improved with an easier to use step by step process that assists you in building the report. We've also added more available filters, including Date Sold Range and Livestock group, to help you limit your results. Additionally, you can add fields for Dam, Sire, and Date Sold as columns on a custom livestock report now as well.

Calendar Integration and Syncing

You can now sync your Farmbrite Schedule with your iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar. That lets you have all your important events and calendar tasks in one place! You can do this by giving access to the calendar with a direct link, or by downloading and importing a .ics file  of current events to your preferred calendar. Note that this is a one way integration, with your events and scheduled tasks in Farmbrite being synced with your other calendar; your other calendar's events are not synced with Farmbrite automatically. 

Geolocating Tasks

Have you ever wanted to pinpoint the exact location for a task to be completed? Sometimes you need to tell your farmhands exactly where to go to get something done, and you can now use your device's GPS connection to geolocate your tasks to a specific place. 

Other Helpful Updates

  • We've updated the format of an animal's age  to give you more detailed year, month, and day numbers.
  • Speaking of aging, we've also made changes to replace the animal's thumbnail icon image with the most recently uploaded photo. 
  • We replaced some "import/export" icons with new, more clearly labeled buttons.
  • Livestock Bulk Updates now allow you to assign dams and sires to multiple animals at once. 
  • You can now remove animals from a Basic Group in bulk. 
  • We've improved the way repeating tasks work, minimizing the clutter on your task board. The next repeated instance of a frequent task is now not shown until the previous instance is completed.