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Warehouses & Bins

Setting Up a New Warehouse

If you've checked out our Resources Overview article, you know that a warehouse is a place where you store your inventory. This might be shed, barn, silo, closet within a building, or even a storage facility off your property like a grain elevator. Warehouses can also be optionally subdivided into bins, which allow you to be more granular with your inventory storage. You might keep your fertilizer in your barn, but knowing what section of the barn it's in may help you - and your farm workers - find it faster. 

To create a new warehouse, navigate to Resources in your left menu, and then select Warehouses. From the main Warehouse page, click the button for New Warehouse.  

Provide the details for your Warehouse - a name, ID, and description - and then click Save. Note that only a name is required. 

After saving, you'll land on the details page for your new warehouse. From here, you can optionally add a bin. A bin is a subsection of this warehouse where you will store your inventory. This could be an actual storage bin, pallet, bag, cabinet, closet, etc. To create one, click the Add Bin button. 

Give the bin a name and ID, and then optionally add a max capacity. Depending on what you plan to store in this bin, select your measurement unit to calculate this capacity - bales, gallons, bushels, and so on. 

After providing the bin details, click Save.

Your new bin is now added to this warehouse. You can add more bins now, or start adding inventory to the one you created.

A note about our examples in this article - The Farmbrite Warehouse and Bin system is designed to be highly customizable. You can use these however you see fit to meet your needs. While we created a cabinet within a storage room in a barn in this article, you might be less specific by just assigning your inventory to the barn overall, or more specific by creating a bin for a shelf within that cabinet. In that case you might have bins like Cabinet 1 Shelf A and Cabinet 1 Shelf B within the warehouse. How you use these two levels of inventory tracking is up to you! 

Reach out to our customer support if you have any questions about creating warehouses and bins!