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Setting up a warehouse

Setting up a Warehouse

Setting up a new warehouse is very easy. 

  • Go to the Resources tab
  • Go down to Warehouses
  • Click on New Warehouse

This gives you a place to track where you're storing your inventory. This can be anything from a shed, barn, silo, a secondary address (grain elevator) or even a small space like a closet. 

Setting up a Bin

After you have entered a Warehouse you can add bins to your Warehouse. A bin can be a row of hay, it can be an actual storage bin,  pallet or bag. The system is adaptable to what you need. 

  • Go to the Resources
  • Go to the Warehouse section
  • Click on the specific Warehouse
  • Click the green "Add Bin" button on the top left of the screen

Add a name, internal ID number, Max capacity and quantity, etc. and description.

For more information or if you have other questions please reach out to our customer service.