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Farm Map

Use Farmbrite’s field mapping feature to easily calculate the area of you fields. A satellite map view will let you find your field and trace it’s perimeter. If you’ve entered the your farm’s address on the account summary page the map will be centered on your farm.

Use the tools in the top left of the map to move the map and to trace the perimeter of you field (see below).

Your other fields will also appear on the map and will be shown as white shapes. Click on any of these to see the name of that field.

Tracing your Field

To trace the perimeter of your field click on the shape tool icon in the top left of the map, to the right of the hand, to enable the tool. Then click multiple times around the edges of your field to trace the whole outline of your field. Make sure to complete the shape, connecting all the dots together. Once the shape is complete it should show as purple and the calculated area of the field will be displayed above the map.

Click the “Reset Map” link on the top right of the map to clear your outline or click the “Save Map” button to save your field map.

Once saved the area calculated by the mapping tool will be updated and stored with your field.