User Settings

When looking at your Tasks or logging in to the Farmbrite mobile app, you'll likely see a generic avatar associated with your user account - probably the first two letters of your first name. We know it might be easier to identify other users with their picture, and that you'd like to associate a photo of yourself with your account. You can easily do this using the Farmbrite Photo Library. 

To get started, navigate to the Account Menu in the upper right, and select Photo Library

From your Photo Library, click the Add Image button to browse your files and select your photo to upload. You'll see it added to the Photo Library. 

Now that you have a photo in the Library, you can then navigate to your User Profile and select it to be used as your Farmbrite avatar. Just choose Your Profile under your name in the upper right, and then add the image from your Library. Don't forget to click Save in the bottom right when you've finished. 

You'll now see this avatar used in various places in your Farmbrite system. Check it out on the Tasks page in the screenshot below! 

If you have additional questions about using this feature feel free to reach out to us, we'll be glad to help you!