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Genealogy & Pedigree

Keeping track of genealogy for your livestock is easy with Farmbrite.

Adding Relatives to the Genealogy Chart

Simply select or register the animal’s parents or other ancestor and Farmbrite will automatically generate a genealogy chart that shows the animal’s lineage all the back to their Great Great Great Grandparents on both their month and father’s side. To select or change a relative, click on the link in box for the level of ancestor you are working with, for example “Select Great Great Great Grandmother”. You can also modify a relative (for example if you made a mistake) by clicking on the relatives name and selecting a replacement. You will be presented with a screen to choose an available relative or create a new one. Use the drop down menu to select an existing an animal or click “Create a new relative” to create a new one. The choices in the drop down menu are limited based on the appropriate gender and species of the animal.

Genealogy Chart

Once you’ve added at least 1 ancestor, you’ll see the genealogy chart automatically generated for you.

Each animal listed in the genealogy chart will show the animal’s (Back to their Great Great Grandparents)

  • Coloring
  • Weight
  • Birth Date
  • Registration Number(s)
  • Gender

From the Genealogy chart it’s easy to access any related animal. Simply click on the pencil icon to jump to that animal.

Printing Pedigree Charts

When it comes time to sell an animal you will often need to provide a pedigree chart or certificate to the buyer to document the animals lineage. From the genealogy screen, simple click “Print Predigree Chart” in the top right and a print friendly version of the genealogy chart will be generated ready for your signed certification of the data.

Viewing Offspring

From the genealogy screen, you can easily view an animals offspring. Simply click on the “View Offspring” link in the top right to view the offspring of that animal.

This feature is only available on certain plan types.