How do I see weather forecasts in Farmbrite?

Planning ahead for unique weather conditions is critically important to your agriculture business. You'll need to take different actions based on what mother nature is sending your way, and you might need to prepare in advance to be sure you can handle the changes. Maybe you'll need to be ready to cover your crop in the event of an early frost, or schedule an extra watering during a dry spell. Just the opposite, perhaps it is forecasted to rain and you'll need to plan a day of indoor work; sounds like a perfect opportunity to get some of your backlogged tasks done! You might also use the forecast to adjust and reschedule upcoming events

When you first log in to Farmbrite, your dashboard will present a lot of helpful information, including a weather forecast. First, be aware that the forecast is generated based on the address associated with your Farmbrite account. You can update this in your Settings if you'd like to default your dashboard to displaying weather for a different location. 

An hourly forecast will be displayed, so if you're logging in to Farmbrite in the morning you'll have a good idea of what to expect throughout the coming hours. You can select the tab for Daily instead, which will then display the forecast for the upcoming days.  A map can also be selected, with choices to overlay precipitation, pressure, wind, and temperature data. 

Questions? Reach out to us, but don't blame us if the meteorologist was wrong!