How do I find orders that are associated with contacts?

Knowing your customers well is at the core of providing great customer service, and knowing their history with your business is a great place to start. Repeat customers who have bought from you previously might deserve some special treatment, extra gratitude, or acknowledgement on their new orders. When an order is placed through your Online Store, Farmbrite will automatically associate it with an existing customer record if one exists, so your customer records can begin to build up a history of past orders. Reviewing this history prior to packing the order can be beneficial, and it's easy to accomplish in Farmbrite. 

From the Market section of your main menu, select Orders, and you'll see a list of all of your current and past orders. In our example below, we have one that recently came in from Carrie that we will be packing and shipping today. We could use the search bar in the upper right to search her name, or simply click on her email address from the orders grid to bring up her profile. This also brings us directly to the customer's past orders page, where we can see the increasing frequency and purchase amount in her orders. 

Alternatively, you can also choose Contacts from the main menu,  find your contact, and then select Orders to get to the same page. This might be helpful if you were speaking to the customer on the phone and wanted to look them up before submitting their order. 

Seeing that the customer has recently placed higher quantity orders more frequently may prompt us to give them special treatment. Maybe we'll reach out and build the relationship, while offering a discount on their next order. Including a specials thank you note in the delivery could be a good idea too. Or how about asking them for feedback or a review on your site? Whatever you choose, you have the tools and data in Farmbrite to make your customer's repeat orders a world class experience.