Tracking Withdrawal Dates

How do I enter withdrawal dates in Farmbrite?

Withdrawal period refers to the minimum period of time from administering the last dose of medication and the production of meat or other animal-derived products for food. Farmbrite helps you track this information. 

Here are the steps to add the withdrawal date to your livestock in Farmbrite:

  • Go to the Livestock tab
  • Open up the specific animal or group
  • Create a new treatment record
  • Enter Treatment date, product used, treatment type, location of treatment, dosage, batch #, days until withdrawal date, days until booster, details, keywords and treatment costs. You can also add this as an expense at that time.

(Once you have a treatment entered you can copy that treatment for this animal and change the date if they have multiple treatments that are similar.)

(Please Note: Deleted treatments can not be recovered.)

Different livestock withdrawal dates

It's important to keep up on this information to practice food safety. Every federally approved drug or animal health product has a withdrawal period printed on the product label or package insert. Products carry meat withdrawal periods ranging from 0 to 60 days. Examples for meat range from no withdrawal period with ceftiofur, 4-15 days with different penicillin products, to 28 days with Pirlimycin. Animals treated with a product that has a withdrawal period of 45 days should be withheld from sale or slaughter for at least 45 days. It is important to note that different animals carries different withdrawal dates as well as different medications. Please read and follow the instructions on the medication recommended for your animals by a licensed veterinarian.

Here is some additional information about withdrawal periods.

Here is a link to some additional information about withdrawal periods from the FDA:

Here is a link to the USDA about food safety:

A PDF explaining why residue can be harmful.

Withdrawal Periods by animal:

Cattle/Bovine withdrawal periods:

Small Ruminant withdrawal periods:

Hog/Swine withdrawal periods:

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