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How do I Associate Events and Tasks with Livestock, Fields, or Equipment?

Associating Events and Tasks with Livestock, Fields, or Equipment

We hope you are utilizing your schedule to it's fullest potential - creating reminders for recurring tasks, keeping track of special events, and assigning chores to your farm employees.  If you haven't learned the basics of using your calendar yet, check out this article on Using Your Schedule to Keep Track of Activities and Tasks

So what do you do when the task is particularly relevant to a specific animal, piece of equipment, or growing location on your farm? Maybe you need be sure that a specific animal gets a treatment, or an individual piece of equipment receives required maintenance. To be sure the task is completed for the right item or animal, you can associate the task with that resource. 

Let's first look at associating Tasks with Livestock

To begin, select Livestock from the left navigation menu. You'll see your Animals Dashboard to the right; select the animal that should be associated with the Task. 

Additional information will be displayed about the animal, with expanded selections from the left menu. Choose Calendar to see your schedule, and add new Tasks or Activities to it. 

Choose the New Activity or New Task button to create a new event for this animal. What's the difference? A Task is like a To-Do; something you'll cross off a list when complete. An Activity is like a calendar reminder, with a set start and end date/time. 

In our example below, we're adding a Task to move our animal to a different grazing field.  After providing the required information, click Create to add this Task to your Task List.  

Note that the Task is not only added to your overall and individual animal Task Lists on the left, but also shown on your calendar as the last thing to accomplish the day before it is due. 

The process of adding Activities or Tasks to a piece of equipment is very similar to what you just learned for Livestock.  Navigate to Resources, choose Equipment, and then the piece of equipment you'd like to create an Activity or Task for. 

From the individual piece of equipment, select Calendar on the left, and the the New Activity or New Task Button. 

In our example, we're creating a new Activity, as we are scheduled to bring the saw in for warranty repairs at a local saw shop. Be sure to save your work by choosing Create. 

Since we created an Activity, it's now shown at the designated time on our equipment's calendar, and our overall Schedule. 

Finally, let's look at adding an Activity or Task for a Growing Location. Like the two processes above, you'll navigate on the left to get to the specific Grow Location you're looking for. Choose Crops, then Grow Locations, and then pick your Field, Garden, Greenhouse, etc. 

Choose Calendar, and then create a New Task or New Activity. 

We're creating a Task to plow the field, and assigning it to Chris. 

Just like our Livestock Task, we'll now see this task on our overall Task List, Growing Location Task List, and added to our Calendar on the day before it's due. 

Still need help with your individual tasks or activities? Contact us here.