Tasks and Events for Records

Associating Events and Tasks with Livestock, Fields, or Equipment

We hope you are utilizing your Schedule and Task List to their fullest potential - creating reminders for recurring tasks, keeping track of special events, and assigning chores to your farm employees.  If you haven't learned the basics of using these features yet, check out these articles for full walkthroughs of each feature:

So what do you do when the task or event is particularly relevant to a specific animal, crop/grow location, or piece of equipment on your farm? Maybe you need to be sure that a specific animal gets a treatment, a crop is watered or harvested, or an individual piece of equipment receives required maintenance. To be sure the task is completed for the right item or animal, you can associate the task with that resource.

The process for adding these resources is very similar when working with either Events and Tasks. When you create or update either one, you'll see a field named Associate To that lets you search for specific crops, grow locations, livestock, and equipment. Find that resource in the menu, and select it to connect it. 

Alternatively, you can create the events and tasks directly from the animal, grow location, or resource. This will automatically associate the event or tasks with the item. 

Either method gets you to the same result - improved efficiency and organization when working with your upcoming events or assigning tasks. 

If you still need help with how you can assign these resources to your tasks and events, feel free to Contact us here - we're glad to help you out!