How do I upgrade my subscription plan?

Changing Your Farmbrite Subscription

Farmbrite offers multiple different subscription plans with various features. These tiers give you options to find the right plan at the right price for you. If you initially opened your account on a Lite or Rancher plan and have expanded your business operations, you might want to upgrade to a Plus or Complete plan to add more users, animals, and advanced capabilities. 

You can review all the available plans and features on our pricing page. Be sure to scroll through the Big Feature List to compare the plans and see exactly what unique and helpful features you can upgrade to! 

After reviewing the options and deciding what's best for your needs, navigate to the Account menu in the upper right and select Account Information. Account details will be displayed with your current Farmbrite plan shown as the first item. Click the Plan link to see your options and choose your new plan. 

You'll then be brought to the checkout page. Review your selections and select if you'd like to be billed annually or monthly. Pro tip: you can save on your subscription by choosing the annual option. Supply your billing details at the bottom, and then subscribe to your new plan. It's that easy! As always, we are glad to help you out if you have questions or need help; just reach out to us and let us know