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Inventory and resources overview

You will find a resources tab in Farmbrite. In this tab you will find a place to add inventory, equipment and other resources. 


Inventory can mean many things. It could be fertilizer, wool, seed, medicine, grain, vegetables you've grown and more. 

You can specify the amount listed, the warehouse (or barn, shed or closet) that things are stored. You can also specify when it may expire so you can take it out of stock at that time. The inventory is associated with the market so you can add things from this if that is part of your business. You can also track the lot numbers for traceability. 

You can also associate it with an order and when that order might be delivered.


The equipment section gives you a place to track you tools, machinery or vehicles. You can track many details here. Please see the equipment section in this help center for much further detail on this feature.