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Keeping Animal Images and Files

Keeping all your documentation and records in one place is a smart idea- you'll know exactly where to go to retrieve them if you need to references them. Beyond just your paper records in a file folder, you might want to keep documents and images of your livestock in Farmbrite - not only will they be easy to locate, but they'll act as a backup in case you misplace your physical copies as well. 

To upload images and files for your livestock, navigate to Livestock in the main menu and select your animal. You'll see choices for Images and Files in the menu. 

You'll work in the images section to upload photos. Perhaps you want to take a picture of your prize winning bison with it's trophy to remember that special event. Or maybe you want to document a medical issue with him and want a photo of the ailment to send to the veterinarian. Whatever the reason is, you'll simply click the Add Image button, and then browse to select your image file from your computer. 

You can upload the following file types - .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, and .avi. 

You will find the process for storing files very similar. From your animal record menu, you'll choose Files and see a familiar screen, this time with a button labeled Upload File. You'll browse your computers files, and upload the one you'd like to store with this animal in Farmbrite. You might store a scan of the bill of sale from when you purchased the animal or a record of when you performed a medical procedures in PDF format, or other documents that you'd like to retain. You can upload Microsoft Excel , and Microsoft Word files (.xls & .xlsx, doc & .docx, ), PDFs, or text documents (.txt). 

Also note that depending on your Farmbrite subscription plan, there are limits to the amount of images and files you can upload. Check out our pricing page for further details.