Setting Your Order Number Sequence

Whether you are brand new to using the Farmbrite market or have hundreds of orders recorded already, we know you might want to use your own custom Order ID numbers to better keep track of them. If you have been using a different system for years, perhaps you want to start your Farmbrite orders with the next Order ID in your current sequence. Or maybe you've been using Farmbrite for years and now want something simpler than the alphanumeric string that Farmbrite used by default. Either way, you'll have an option in your Online Store Settings to set a starting Order Number. 

To do this, Navigate to your Online Store Settings under Market>Online Store. You'll see a field for Starting Order Number. By default this is set to 1001, but you can change it to whatever you would like! In the example below we continued the sequence from our old ordering system by starting at 2556. Be sure you click Save in the settings if you make any changes. 

Note that if you change this after you have any orders in Farmbrite, the next new order will be numbered with the starting number plus the quantity of existing orders. For example, if we had 10 existing/previous orders in our account and set the same number above (2556), the next new order would be number 2567.