Estimate Seed Order

Under the crops section of Farmbrite you will find the Seed Estimating Tool under the “Estimate Seed Order” tab. The Seed Estimating Tool makes it easy to calculate the total start / seeds required for a given year based on the data you entered in Farmbrite.

How are seed quantities calculated?

Seeds quantities are calculated in two ways;

  • Using the manual numbers you entered with your plantings (Number of Plants)
  • Using the field layout tool we calculate the number of plants (seeds) per linear foot. This is based on the spacing you entered when creating a plant type multiplied by the total linear foot of plantings from the layout tool by the number of plants per linear foot. Example: 12/spacing_inches) * total_linear feet.

To view the seed order estimates for a given year, simply select the year from the drop down menu neat the top of the screen. Farmbrite will then calculate seed / start orders for each plant you’ve entered for that year. If you provided information about the seed company on the Master Plant List you’ll see the plants organized by seed company, making it easy to coordinate orders with each vendor.

For each plant type listed you’ll see the following information:

  • Plant Type
  • Plant Variety
  • Seed Count
  • Planting Method
  • Coverage

Important: This tool is for estimating purposes only. Please verify the numbers of seeds and coverage.

This feature is only available on certain plan types.