Mobile Notifications for Task Assignments

Staying up to date with important tasks is critical for your business. You and your colleagues need to know when something needs to be done, especially when it's your responsibility!  Of course  you could check your task list in the Farmbrite mobile app, but you can also allow mobile app push notifications to be sure nothing gets missed and you're up to date with what's assigned to you. You'll get a notification as soon as a new task is assigned to you. 

Prefer emails instead of a push notification? Check out this article for information on setting those up.

Whether you are using the Farmbrite mobile app that you downloaded from the app store (Apple or Android), or simply using your mobile device's browser to access, you can enable these notifications by navigating to Your Profile settings. You'll see a button to Allow Push Notifications to this Device. Click that, and you'll see a message that your notification permissions were updated. If you get any additional message from the device asking if you want to enable notifications, be sure to say yes to and approve any confirmation from your device at this point. Be sure to save your Farmbrite profile afterwards. 

Be aware that you enable these per device. If you use Farmbrite on a phone, laptop, and tablet and want to get notifications on all three, you'll perform that process on each device. When you access your profile on another device, you'll see how many other devices you have them set up on as well. 

Now that the notification are configured and allowed on your device, you'll get notifications like this whenever a new task is assigned to you. When you tap the task from the notification bar, you'll be brought to Farmbrite to start working and the notification will be cleared. 


If you don't get the notifications, or run into an error when setting them up, your device might be blocking them due to system settings. You'll want to check your app notification settings and ensure that they are enabled for Farmbrite. While we can send them from within the software, your Android or iOS operating system might have other settings that prevent you from receiving them. 

In the Android example below, you'll see how to find those notifications in the app settings and system settings. 

Of course, if you have any questions or issue after trying those steps, reach out and contact us