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Getting Started with Orders

The Orders tab

This is the place in your account where you find, manage and work your product orders.

Creating an order or invoice

Whenever one or more products are purchased an order is created in Farmbrite. An order can be created in Farmbrite, either manually or through the checkout and purchase of products through your online store. 

Anytime an order is created it will show up under the “Orders” tab. In addition, you will receive an email will the details of the order sent to the main email address for your account when an order is purchased through the online shopping cart.

To create a manual order, click on the green “New Order” button. You will be prompted to provide Order Details.

Finding and fulfilling orders 

Once you’ve create some products you see a list of them displayed showing the a order number, date ordered, customer name, status, amount and actions.

You can sort the items in the grid by clicking on any of the column headers. An arrow next to the column header indicates that column is being sorted and in what direction the data is ordered.

Click on the order number to view or edit it.

Click on the Red “X” in the right actions column to delete the order from Farmbrite. 

(Note: Deleted records cannot be recovered and you cannot delete orders associated with credit card payments. You will need to cancel/refund these instead.)

If you have a lot of products, you may need to page through the list to find the one your looking for. Use the paging buttons at the bottom right of the gird to move between pages of products.

You can keep track of inventory in this area.

Finding an Order

You can easily search for any of your orders using the search bar located on the top right of the product list. The search bar will search for order based on their status. Simply type in your search criteria and hit enter to search.