Assigning Tasks

Assigning Tasks to Team Members

For a refresher on how to create Tasks in Farmbrite, check out this article.

Sometimes you may want to assign tasks to certain people on your team. This lets you assign common repeating chores, or unique work for special situations. To assign a task to a user, select their name from the "Assigned To" menu when creating your task. 

 Note: The person who you are assigning the task must first be signed up under your Farmbrite account. 

How will the person be notified?

When you assign the task that user will receive an email notification that a task was assigned. The task title will be included in the subject line, and the description will be appended to the body text. The notification also includes the due date, with a quick link taking the recipient directly to the task list in your Farmbrite account.

Note that notification emails will not be sent for tasks assigned to users who have never logged into their Farmbrite account, or have not logged in for greater than 90 days.

Viewing Tasks Assigned to a Team Member

You can filter your Task List and Task Board by specific users. This let's you see what they still have on their list, and follow up to ensure the tasks have been completed. To do this, navigate to Tasks and find the Users menu in the upper right; it's  set to  "All Users" by default. Select the name of the person you'd like to see the tasks for, and the list will refresh with just their tasks.

Assigning tasks to more than one team member

You may also want to assign a task to more than one team member. You can do this by adding a checklist item to the task and then assigning tasks to different people on your team. 

You will find this button below the description box in Farmbrite.

Click the Add Checklist Item and then add items to the checklist that need to be completed and assign those tasks to multiple people. Press save or update and then those employees will be notified that they have been assigned a task.

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