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Using Your Schedule to Keep Track of Activities and Tasks

How to use the Schedule to set calendar events and create tasks. 

We know you're busy with a multitude of chores around your farm, and that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of special events or remember to complete all of your day-to-day tasks. Farmbrite has a solution that will help you with both - while it may look like a simple calendar at first glance, it has many unique selections and abilities that can help you organize your work and manage your business operations.  

You can use the Schedule to track tasks like feeding your crops, rotating livestock to different grazing fields, or even changing the oil on the farm pick up truck. You might also use it to track upcoming events like a day at the farmers market or a scheduled CSA delivery. 

Creating a Calendar Event

To create a new event, click New Activity in the upper left of your Calendar. 

A new window will be displayed; use it to supply information about this new activity. In the example below we're creating a calendar reminder for an event - a farmers market booth we're setting up for a local festival. 

You'll be able to provide many details for this task, but note that only a title and date/time are required - all other fields are optional.

If the activity occurs for the full day, use the All Day Checkbox to note that - the activity will be displayed on the header of  your calendar. 


You're able to  (A) provide a description of the event for your to reference later, and (B) associate an equipment resource, animal, or growing location with the task. Use the associate ability if the Activity is pertinent to something specific around your farm. You can also (C) add a checklist of subtasks to help you prepare for the activity, and customize this event by (D) selecting what color you'd like it to be displayed as on your calendar. This can help you distinguish certain tasks at a glace; perhaps you might make livestock chores blue, and garden chores green. 

You can also set the activity to repeat as a series of events on your calendar - our farmers market event recurs weekly during the summer. Note that there is a limit of 100 Daily Recurring Tasks that you can create. 

Once you've supplied your Activity information, be sure to click Create to add it to your schedule. 

Creating a New Task

You can also add Tasks to your schedule as well. These might be routine chores that repeat on your schedule, or unique individual projects that you'd like to keep track of. 

To create a new Task, choose New Task in the upper left of your Schedule.

A new window will open. In the example below, we're creating a reminder to change the oil in our farm truck. 

You'll probably find the process for creating tasks to be very similar to what you saw when creating an event. Most options are the same, and the overall process is nearly identical. Some unique highlights to be aware of - notice that we've associated this task with a piece of equipment from our Resources, and that we've also assigned it to take place at a specific location on our farm. 

Once created, note that your Tasks will be displayed on the Tasks menu, and on your Today's Tasks section of your Farmbrite dashboard. This will help you keep track of these chores, or print out a task list to distribute to your workers.

Tracking Activities as Tasks

You've created Activities and Tasks individually, but sometimes you may need to combine the two in order to show the event on the calendar, and also assign it to a user to make sure it's associated work is completed. For example, we have a recurring activity to water our peppers, which we'd like to track as a task and assign to Dennis, one of our farm workers. This places the activity on our task list, while also displaying it on our calendar. To do this, simply choose the checkbox for Track as a Task, and select the user in your Assigned To menu

Now you'll see this activity on both the calendar and your task list, reminding you to do it, and tracking when it's been completed.  

As always, be aware that if you delete Activities or Tasks they are not able to be recovered.

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