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Adding a Planting

Under your grow location you will find lots of places to enter your crop information and specific information about your beds and fields. The more information you enter here the more Farmbrite will be able to calculate for you.

Details tab

The details tab gives you the information about your bed or field. You can change the name your bed here if needed.  You will also find the field size here. This can be mapped on the next tab to get a very specific size. You can choose if this is a field or greenhouse here. You also choose your layout type here. 

The layout type 

You can choose between 4 types of layouts: Each will change the way your layout and how you enter information.

Planted in beds: Choose this type if you plan to plant crops in beds with specific lengths. This is also where you would use succession planing. 

Cover crop: This type of crop is one where you distribute the seeds over a plot of land. Use this type of planting for cover crops like clover or alfalfa. 

Row crops: This type of crop is  planted in rows, usually all in one monoculture such as corn or soybeans.

Other: This type of layout can be used for perennial crops such as trees and berry bushes.

Under that you will enter the status of your field (Fallow, leased, other), the light profile (Full sun, part sun, etc.) and the description of your field. These data fields are more for informational purposed instead of calculations. Because of that you can choose not to put anything in these if you want. 

 Map of your field

This tab gives you specific mapping information on your field. Once you've entered your address you will see a Google satellite map. Use the scrolling tools to map your acreage.

(Note: Sometimes this does not quite map correctly. We apologize for that. You may have to scroll over to find your farm. We are using Google images and have no control of the mapped address.)

Crops Tab

The crops tab is where you will be able to get a ton of information on growing your crops. Be very specific about entering the information here. The more data you enter the more Farmbrite can help you calculate.

Once you have your crop layout determined then you can started entering your crop details. In the example below I am showing a setup for crops planted in beds for succession planting.

There is a lot of functionality on this page. Just go slow as you're setting this up. The more information you enter, the more specific Farmbrite can be.

Crop tab functionality

Use the blue '+ Add Crop' button on the right to add crops that you have already created in the "Plants tab" to a bed. If you haven't done this step use the green 'New crop' button at the top to create new crops so you can add them to your bed rows. Use the blue pencil icon to edit the bed or delete with the red X button. 

By clicking on the black arrow beside the bed number will expand the bed view so you can see the plants that are planted here.

Setting up succession plantings

If you are growing for market you may have more than one planting in a bed per season. You can do this by adding a second planting below the first. By adding different dates to this planting it will notify you of when to plant and when to harvest. These dates will show up in your calendar and task tabs. You can add one crop if you choose and 

You can see that 'The plant date' (April 6) on the second crop is the same at the Harvest date on the first crop.  So, in this example we are planting least 2 crops in bed 2, but not at the same time. We are just planning for both these plantings. We will harvest the first crop on the same day we plant the seeds for the succession planting.

Because I have entered information from the seed packets and entered my market prices Farmbrite is showing my harvest dates, market value and percent harvested.

Once you harvest a crop you can enter yield. You can click on "sell" and this will automatically enter the amount you've entered into your accounting tab.  

Use the 'Planned', ' Planted' and 'Harvested' tabs to plan your season and see what plants need to be harvested. You can also use the date buttons to sort your harvests.

Planting Guide

The planting guide gives you an overview of your beds and what will be planted in them at what time. The information that you entered from the seed packets will transfer here. This can be printed and given to your field hands during planting.


The grazing tab shows what livestock you have grazing on a field. 


The treatments tab is where you record any beds/plants that needed to be treated. This shows the treatments used on your orchard, your beds, or your fields. 


If amendments were used on your field or bed you can record them here. Enter the type, NPK, application method and date applied.

Calendar & Tasks

The calendar and tasks show what events you have coming up for a specific bed or field. You can add this to specific beds or fields. For instance if you need to add more fertilizer to your garlic during it's growth cycle, this is where you would schedule that. It will show up on the main calendar and tasks.

Notes, Images and Files tabs

The bottom 3 tabs are pretty self explanatory. You can enter notes about specific plants or beds, as well as images and files. The images are useful if you have a specific type of bug you have a question about that was on that plant or a spot that you want to research and document in Farmbrite. The documents that you might want to keep here are soil records or water samples.