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What reports are available in Farmbrite?

Standard Reports

We have a number of reports available in Farmbrite. Some are custom reports where you can make them and we have some standard reports. You will find them under the Reporting tab.

Go to the Reporting tab, choose a standard (pre-made) or a custom (make your own) report.

Standard Reports:

  • Livestock Reports
    • Reproduction Summary
    • Reproduction Details
    • Yield Summary
    • Yield Details
    • Inventory
    • Treatments & Vaccinations
    • Fields Actively being Grazed

  • Crop Reports
    • Harvests Summary
    • Harvests Details
    • Upcoming Harvests
    • Treatments
    • Nutrients & Amendments
    • Estimate Seed Order

  • Accounting & Financial Reports
    • Profit & Loss
    • Spending by Category

Custom Reports

You can also create customer reports. These reports are not created yet. They are created by you and are open to what you need them to be. These were designed to give you valuable information on your data within Farmbrite.   

You can find more information on how to create these reports here