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What reports are available in Farmbrite?

We have a number of reports available in Farmbrite to help you pull out your data. Some of these are custom reports where you can build them to suit your needs and some are standard reports that have been pre-made for you. You will find both types under the Reporting tab. 

We expand on this list all the time. If you don't see a report that you feel is vital, please let us know.

Standard Reports:

Our standard reports are reports that we have created to help you quickly find, sort or view information. They are available at most plan levels to let you sort and review your data. You can change the reports by altering your data within Farmbrite. 

  • Livestock Reports

    • Break Even Amount

      • This report breaks down the costs as well as the profits generated by a particular animal. It shows the amount that it takes to make a profit.
    • Deaths & Losses

      • A report that shows the animals that you have lost in a particular period. It shows deceased, culled or lost animals and the reasons for the losses. 
    • Due Dates

      • This report shows the dates when you should expect births on your farm. Animals will show on this report if they have been bred or if their breeding status has been changed to Exposed or Pregnant.
    • Fields being Grazed

      • Use this report to understand which fields have been grazed, how many animals and how long they have been in that particular field. You can also find this report under the Livestock Grazing tab.
    • Growth & Feed (ADG/FCR)

      • To view your Average Daily Gain (ADG) and Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) charts take a look at your Livestock Growth and Feed report. By calculating the average amount of feed an animal consumes to and their weight, you will see how much feed they are converting to growth.   
    • Livestock Inventory

      • This report provides a tally of your livestock inventory. Births, deaths and losses, butchered, sold and purchased over multiple years.
    • Reproduction Details

      • View this report to see an overview of the births in your herd. It shows the mother and how many births she had over the last few years.
    • Reproduction Summary

      • This report is similar to reproduction detail report but it shows all your animal groups throughout your farm not just specific mothers who have had a birth.
    • Treatments & Vaccinations

      • The name gives this one away. This report shows what treatments and vaccinations you've given over a specified period of time. Use the date filter to sort these. This will show any treatments you've provided to your animals.
    • Upcoming Treatments

      • Use this report to see your retreat and withdrawal dates for animals that you have treated.
    • Yield Details

      • View this report to see harvests and yields from your flocks, herds and animals. It shows harvest amounts and losses. Sort by dates or search for specific harvests on this report. 
    • Yield Summary by Type

      • This report breaks out harvests from each type of animal. 
  • Crop Reports

    • Break Even Amount

      • This report breaks down the costs as well as the profits generated by a particular crop. It shows the amount that it takes to make a profit on that crop.
    • Estimate Seed Order

      • Use this report to calculate the amount of seeds that you need to purchase and the amount of coverage you need for a given area.
    • Expected Harvests

      • Based on the information you've entered in your plantings with your crops you can see information about amount of that plants were planted, total expected harvest and expected revenue all based on crop type.   Note that you must have an expected harvest amount added on your plantings for this report to display your crop. 
    • Harvests Details

      • This report shows total harvest details. It shows the detail of what types of plants you planted and the dates when you harvested. You will see a pie chart on total yields and your plants broken down into crop type and harvested, losses and net amounts harvested. 
    • Harvests Summary by Type

      • This report looks similar to the Harvest Details report but gives a rolled up summary of the same information.  
    • Nutrients & Amendments

      • This report shows what nutrients and amendments you have added to different growing locations on your farm. It shows the type of product, the amount and the specific nutrients (NPK+) that have been added, when and in what volumes. 
    • Planting Inventory 

      • Use this report to see which varieties of plans have been planted in which locations, seed numbers planting lengths to see how much of a variety is planted throughout your farm.
    • Soil & Nutrient Samples

      • The soil and nutrient report shows how your soil sample reports. This report shows a graph of the nutrients levels in specific fields pertaining within the information from different samples.
    • Treatments

      • Use this report to see what treatments you have used on your farm and in which growing locations.
    • Upcoming Harvests

      • This is a handy report to see when you have upcoming harvests. Use this report to prepare and make sure you have staff available for harvest.
    • Yield Comparison

      • This report shows by crop type and variety when you had harvests and how much. Use this report to see how specific varieties are producing and when.
  • Accounting & Financial Reports

    • Accounts Receivable Aging

      • Use this report to view outstanding payments from your shop so you can keep up-to-date on who still owes you for their products.
    • Cash Flow Statement

      • The cash flow statement gives you a way to track a loan. By adding your beginning cash balance and then keeping track of expenses and profits from the mark it shows how your business venture is doing paying back a loan.
    • IRS Schedule F Summary

      • If you have chosen the Schedule F type of accounting (in your account settings) you will be able to run this report and print it out for tax time. It categorizes expenses and profit to the IRS, schedule F.
    • Profit & Loss

      • Use this report to see how your profit and losses are adding up on your farm. This is an important way to see the health of your farm business.
    • Spending by Category

      • This report breaks down spending into different categories that you have added and shows you when that expense was, how much and the total for that category.
    • Note: (We do not have a Balance Sheet at this time)

  • Market & Orders 

    • Finished Orders

      • This report will show you which of your farm orders have been completed from your Farmbrite e-commerce site.
    • Order Summary

      • This report shows the date of orders, their statuses, amounts and payment methods.
    • Payment Due Orders

      • Use this report to pull orders that are outstanding and still need payment.
    • Pending Orders

      • Use this report to see what orders are still in pending status and need to be followed up on.
    • Top Customers

      • It's always nice to know who your top customers are and how much they spent. Use this report to see that information. 
    • Top Products

      • This report shows what your top sellers are within a given period.
  • Schedule & Tasks

    • Tasks Completed

      • Use this report to see what tasks have been completed.
    • Tasks Due

      • Use this report to see what tasks are still outstanding. You could make note to reassign if needed.
    • Schedule

      • This report shows your activity schedule. It pulls out start times and end times as well as hours it took to complete a project.
  • Resources

    • Inventory History

      • This report shows what types of inventory you have, how much you used and specifics like where it was located and the lot number.

For your reference, here is an image of what the current Reports tab looks like. Click on a specific report in your account to access the data. Some links are also available to specific records through the report.

Custom Reports:

Occasionally you will want to view information that is not in one of the pre-made reports. You can create your own custom reports in this next section. 

You can find more information on how to create these reports here.