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How do I create custom reports?

We have spent a lot of time creating the custom reports option for you. This gives you access to create all sorts of reports to search and sort your data. 

Creating a custom report

Start by going to the Reports tab and clicking on the Green 'New Custom Report' in the custom reports section. This will give you the option to select Report name, Report area (Accounting, Tasks, Notes, etc.) and other options to select.

Once you have saved your settings Farmbrite will ask you to select your Report fields and filters. 

(Note: You must select "Report fields" in the second list for your report to pull information.)

You can always go back and change these filters and fields after you have saved. Depending on the report it may give you links to click on in the report where you can dive into the report information further.

Once you have saved this custom report it will remain in your custom reports tab. It will pull new information each time you run it (as your information changes so will the report). 

There are many options of creating reports. Sometimes it pays to tinker with the report to get exactly what you need.