Geolocating Your Tasks with GPS

Have you ever wanted to pinpoint the exact place something needs done? Rather than giving vague directions to your farmhands like "fix that hole in the north side fence", you can now use your device's GPS location to geolocate your tasks and make sure they know exactly where to go and where to look! This comes in very handy if you are using  Farmbrite on your mobile device, as you can walk your property and add tasks that need to be done, and then use this feature to link the location where you're currently standing. Wow! 

If you're new to creating tasks, check out this article for a full walk through before you start geolocating these map locations to become familiar with the workflow and capabilities.

When creating the task, you have an option select "Add Map Location". When clicked, you'll need to allow Farmbrite to use your device's location for this to work. Something should pop up asking you to allow this and adjust your settings. Different browsers, versions, and devices may display this slightly differently, but overall, agree or allow to use the GPS feature in Farmbrite. The concept is the same though if you want to tag the task with you are, you need to tell your device it's OK for Farmbrite to have permission to do this. Once granted, Farmbrite can pick up your exact location and will drop a GPS location pin there in the task. You can always grab and drag the pin around as well.