What's New - September 2023

We've made many improvements and enhancements to existing features this month. You'll see updates to the inventory system, your online market, mapping your farm, selling animals, and a lot more. Like previous updates, these ideas we generated by feedback from our user community. If you're using Farmbrite and would like to suggest a way to make an existing feature easier to use, reach out to us and tell us about it! 

We've made some updates to harvest and inventory tracking. The first one should save you a lot of time, as you can now automatically update the amount available for sale in your market when you record a harvest. As you add your harvests crops or animal yield to your inventory, you'll find a new checkbox to update the amount available for sale in your market. This eliminates an extra step and makes sure the products you harvest can easily reach your customers. Speaking of working with your customers, we've also updated their order confirmation emails with additional details about the pick up location they chose, if they're picking up their items. 

When you add those harvests to your inventory, you might also accidently run out of space in your bins and warehouses; we should all be so lucky to have extra bountiful harvests this fall!  If that happens, you'll now see an alert to let you know the bin has reached capacity. Your harvested items will still be in the bin regardless of exceeding the capacity, but we think the new visual warning will help you be more aware of what you have on hand. 

When you need to increase your inventory for an item, you now have a new Quick Add Inventory action to make the process easier. If you get a delivery or make a trip to the store and want to increase your inventory without accessing each item, just use the Quick Add, put in how many you got and where you're storing them, and your inventory is increased. Bonus: this is easily accessible on your mobile device, so add it all as soon as the delivery truck shows up right from the Farmbrite mobile experience.

There's also a few new additions to your ability to import data into Farmbrite. You can now import your farm map data to plot your property boundaries, fields, and more. You can use data from your existing GIS software like Google Maps, Google Earth, or ArcGIS to add grow locations and grazing fields to your map, or other things buffer zones, irrigation lines, and more. We have also updated many of the existing import features to allow for updating records, rather than just creating new ones. This could help you make bulk updates to livestock, products, equipment, contacts, and other areas. Rather than updating each item individually, you can now download your records, make changes to the data, and reupload them to save time. 

Generating a bill of sale for multiple animals just got easier. You now have the ability to sell multiple animals at once, and generate a single bill of sale. So if you're selling a group or part of your herd to the same person, you can itemize the animals in one bill of sale receipt. You also now have the ability to customize the bill of sale number, if you'd like to make it match other documents you've previously completed. 

We've also made some smaller but still impactful updates.

Have you ever downloaded a few different reports in a day, and had trouble figuring out which spreadsheet was which in your downloads folder? We've made it easier to distinguish them now by including the date range the report was run for in the file name. Now you can easily tell which report was exported with just a glace at the file name. 

There are two new enhancements to the breeding system to highlight. First, you'll now be able to use animals in off farm or reference status as sires in your breeding records. This helps you better trace genealogy if you use animals from other breeders or artificial insemination methods. Additionally, you can now also find information about the sire from a breeding record in the status section of the dam's record.

Do you raise alpacas or llamas? If so, you'll now be able to record Famacha scores for them when adding measurement records