Using QR Codes for your Store and Products

Quick Response Codes, or "QR Codes" for short, offer an easy way for your customers to access payment options or further information about your products. They're kind of like a barcode you have probably used at your brick-and-mortar farm store on your products, except no special reader is needed to scan them. They can be scanned with most current mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or any computer with a camera. They generally direct the customer to a website, allowing them to easily make a purchase or find out additional details about the item scanned. 

You'll find helpful QR codes all around Farmbrite: they can even be used to scan your livestock or crops and add information about them to your Farmbrite mobile app. In this section though, we will outline three uses relevant to your Market. 

Creating QR codes for specific products

Each of your products has a unique QR code available to take your customers directly to it in your Online Store. This shows them all the details of the product, and gives them the opportunity to purchase the product online. Think about how you might add this QR code to your product label, easily facilitating reorders and helping answer questions without the customer having to contact you. 

Creating QR Codes for your Store

Perhaps you'd like to create marketing materials and signage with a QR code that brings your customers directly to your Online Store. Find the button on your Online Store Settings tab for Shop QR Code, and use this on those materials to easily bring your customers to the storefront homepage. 

Creating a QR Code for Quick Pay

You can learn more about how QuickPay works in this help article, and you'll find the QR code for it on the same Online Store Settings tab as the Store QR Code above. You might print this code, laminate it, and post it at your self-serve farm stand to give your customers easy access to paying for their items with a credit card.