Adding Notes

Keeping detailed logs is critical, and the Farmbrite notes feature provides an easy way to record all sorts of information.  Notes are a common features of Farmbrite and can be used to keep track of all types of things. 

You'll find notes available for these key resources:

  • Livestock
  • Livestock Groups
  • Livestock Yields
  • Grow Locations
  • Plantings
  • Crop Harvests
  • Equipment
  • Contacts

Adding Notes

The following example shows adding notes to a contact.  The flow and features are generally the same regardless of where you're adding notes.

You'll want to keep detailed notes about your interactions with customers, suppliers,  vendors, and other additional contacts. Sometimes taking a quick note can be the difference between dropping the ball on a customer order, or wowing them with your superior customer service. 

To jot down a memo about one of your Contacts, navigate to Contacts, then choose your Contact record, and select Notes. 

Click the New Note button to start writing a note for this Contact. 

You can write the body of your note in the main Notes field on the left. 

To the right, you'll see today's date preloaded, and the opportunity to categorize this note. Since this note details a Meeting with our customer Greg, we've marked it as such. Keywords can also be added, to easily search through your notes later to find ones tagged with this keyword - even if the keyword does not appear in the text of the note. 


You can optionally assign this note as a task to one of your existing Farmbrite users, or add it to your Farmbrite calendar. 

You also have the opportunity to associate an image with this note, or tag it with a geographic location - use these to add additional context to this note to help you remember more details when referencing it later. 

When you're done adding information to the note, click Save Note in the bottom right. 

The note will be added to this Contact, and you'll be able to easily reference it in the future.

if you have a lot of notes for this contact, you may find it useful to use the Search field to look for certain keywords. 

You might also find it helpful to apply filters to the contact note to find only those written within a given date range, assigned to a specific category, or written by a particular Farmbrite user. 

Print a copy of all your notes - perhaps filtering them first  to not waste paper - by using the Print button. 

Finally, you can edit or delete your notes by clicking the More Options (3 dots) icon to the right of your note. Be careful - if you delete a note, the action is permanent, and it cannot be recovered. 

Still have questions about your contacts? Be sure to check out the other articles in this Knowledge Base category, and feel free to reach out to us if you didn't find your answer.