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What is on the equipment details page?

The equipment details page is an overview of the main information for a piece of equipment. You are able to enter and change details such as Type, Model, Serial number, Type of engine or transmission. Track the primary contact (sales or maintenance), mileage and usage, service manuals, purchase date, license plate numbers, detailed description of the item.

You can also print out the QR code (shown in the top right hand corner) to use your phone to scan and make quick notes.

Creating or Editing Equipment

When creating or editing equipment you can capture a variety of information about each item. Including the following information:

  • Name: The name or label for this piece of equipment
  • Type: (Examples) Tractor, harvester, tiller, truck, trailer, cultivator, greenhouses, etc
  • Brand/Model
  • Serial Number
  • Engine/Transmission
  • Track Usage (Miles/Hours): Whether you want to track the usage of this equipment by hours run or miles driven
  • Link to Service Manual: Store a quick reference link to easily access the service manual. You can also click on “Search online manuals” to find a manual for that Make and Model.
  • Primary Contact (Mechanic or Service center) (You’ll need to have created one or more contact records to link to)
  • Purchase Date
  • Price
  • Mileage / Hours
  • Plate Number
  • Description