How Do I Remove Items From My Inventory?

Removing Items From Inventory

You know that you set up inventory to track what you have on hand at your farm or ranch. You've learned how to add inventory to track items you've purchased to use on your property, or products you have for sale. However, it's just as important to remove items from your inventory when they are sold or used, as doing so helps you keep accurate counts and can trigger minimum quantity notifications. 

You'll easily be able to remove items manually, and we've also built inventory integrations with feedings, treatments, and equipment maintenance to automatically deduct the items used. 

To manually remove inventory quantity from an item, navigate to Resources, select Inventory, and then choose an item. 

You'll see your current inventory for this item displayed, along with what warehouse and bins it is stored in. Decide which storage location you would like to remove the inventory from, and click the red Remove button to it's right. We're going to use our Grade A Brown Eggs as an example - note our current stock of 18 dozen. 

A new window will open where you'll provide information about the inventory reduction. First, supply the quantity to remove from this warehouse/bin.  in our example, we're removing a dozen eggs that a farm worker dropped when packing them for our farmer's Market trip. 

Then select if this inventory reduction should be reflected in your product inventory for your Farmbrite Market. 

Your warehouse and bin selection will be automatically loaded, but use this as an opportunity to verify you made the right selection. 

Next, choose which lot to remove the inventory from. If you leave the lot number blank, Farmbrite will automatically remove the inventory from the oldest lot. This could be useful if you are removing inventory due to expiration. However, in our example we will specify it to make sure we remove the broken ones from the correct lot. You can also supply a reason for this inventory reduction. 

Once you've verified your information, click the Remove Inventory button in the bottom right. 

Your inventory will be adjusted to remove the quantity you specified - notice our current stock is now 17 dozen eggs in our Product Warehouse/Bin Section B1. 

Outside of the spoilage example, maybe the item was simply used as intended.  Farmbrite has automatic integrations with feedings, treatments, and equipment maintenance to subtract from your inventory when used. If you're tracking items used in maintenance of equipment, or administered to plants and live stock as treatments, follow the steps in that article to apply the inventory reduction when you create those records.  And as your animals eat your stored hay, make sure you remove the bales from your stock

Additionally, be sure to remove items from inventory when you sell them outside of the Farmbrite Market - if you make a sale of your products at the local farmer's market, you'll want to remove the quantity from your inventory so you accurately track your remaining product. 

Have more questions on how to work with your inventory? Reach out, we are glad to help!