Product IDs for Integrations

If you're looking to integrate your market orders with other systems through an API integration or Zapier, you'll probably need the internal product ID to map your products correctly. Not every computer system works well with a product name like "Tomatoes, 16 oz. - Mixed/Heirloom [Clamshell]", so you'll pass alphanumeric IDs in the integrations instead of product names. You can find these in your Farmbrite system in three places. 

FIrst, individual product IDs are part of the direct link to the Product URL. If you just need one or two IDs, you can simply copy and paste the ID from the URL. Note that it is everything between the slashes in the URL shown below. 

You'll also see it within the product details. 

If you need more IDs, you can export a spreadsheet of your products and the product ID will be included in the data. It's shown in Column A "id" on the exported .csv file. This can help you map the IDs to your products in a different system, perhaps something like Square or Quickbooks.