Quick Add Buttons

It's a top priority to be able to quickly and easily add information to your account so we have created the quick add buttons. You will find them at the top of every page of Farmbrite. You can use these buttons to add or update information in your Farmbrite account. Below you will find a short overview of each of the buttons that help you quickly add information in Farmbrite.

Quick Add Buttons:

Here is a view of the available quick add buttons and where they are on the Farmbrite page. Here you can find and add information to most areas of your account.

Quickly add a Note:

You can quickly add a note by associating it to a particular animal, piece of equipment, plant or growing location. Simply type in and select one of the options in the "Associated To" field and that new record will be saved to that animal, equipment, plant or growing location. Add the details of the note, date, add to your calendar and add keywords to this note. You can also assign a task associated with this note, geolocate a specific location and attach an image to the note for your reference or for the other person you may assign this task.

Quickly add a task:

Adding a new task is very similar to adding a note. Input the information that is needed into the corresponding fields like title and date and then add the animal, piece of equipment, plant or growing location to the "Associated To" area. You can add all the other details 

Quick Add a New Transaction:

Adding a quick transaction to your accounting section is easy. Click on the Add transaction button through the quick add buttons, add the information about your transaction like if it is either an expense or income to be added, the amount, date, payee, category and more. Select the specific animal, crop, equipment or grow location that you would like to associate this transaction to in the Associate to area. You can also add Keywords if you would like to break this transaction out for multi-operation purposes.

Quickly add a Photo:

Maybe an animal or plant has been injured and you want to document the injury with a photo in their record. You can do this through the quick add photo functionality. Using the quick add buttons select the Add Photo in the drop down then simply select the item you would like to associate this photo to in the "Associate To" area, attach the image and click save.

Quickly add an Animal Measurement:

If you need to quickly add an animal measurement and you're not doing this all at once through the import area, try the quick add button. Select the animal or group of animals to associate this measurement to and then add the other information you would like to capture. You don't need to add all the information on this form, just what you need or is important to your farm operation.

Quick Add a Livestock Treatment:

In the same way as the other sections you can add a treatment to an individual animal or animal group. 

In the first section you can select the animal or group of animals the treatment will be Associated To. Begin typing in the field and your animals and animal groups will start to show. Select from one of them and continue.

Choose from one of the Treatment Types in the dropdown or if you don't see what you are looking for choose, Other Procedure at the end of the list. You can add the details below or in the description area.

The Details/Product area gives you a place to add more detail about what type of procedure or particular brand you used for a procedure. Add as many details as you need here. Then more on to add more information about the product you may have used. Such as batch number, dosage, application method and treatment location. Again, if there are more details that you would like to add you can do that in the Description area below. 

To help you keep track of Withdrawal dates or Booster dates you can add them in the next two fields.

The Technician field is where you might add a Veterinarian name, ranch hand, Vet tech, body worker or other technician. You can then add a cost that was associated with this treatment and add that over in accounting.

The Treatment Date is where you can add the date of treatment. Of course you can backdate this if needed.

Adding keywords can help you sort this for later. If you want to sort by; treatment types, vaccination types, or other useful sorting details. 

Quick Add a Livestock Feeding

In the quick add area you will also find a Livestock Feeding area. This is where you can add the amounts of feed you have given an animal or animal group. 

  • The first field provides a way to add an animal or group of animals to associate this feeding. Start typing and if you have animals or animal groups they will come up in your search. (Note: This only happens if you are online.)
  • Next it will ask for the feed details. You can also leave this area blank and it will populate the feed details to inventory, if you have a type there. Then add the amount fed and the unit of measurement (pounds, bales, etc.).
  • The Group Distribution field designates whether you are feeding this group per head or for the group. Feeding a total for the group for instance would be like feeding 10 animals in a group 10 bales of hay.Farmbrite will then distribute the bales of hay over the 10 animals, each getting roughly 1 bale of hay each. In the Per Head example you might use this if you have animals in stalls. You would have 10 animals in 10 stalls each getting 1 bale of hay. You can also add this number as a decimal (.15) for a flake of hay.
  • Feed weight is the amount that the feed weighs.If you're feeding a rectangular bale of 1st cut hay it might weigh 35-40 lbs. (We are just trying to get an average here so you can add an average weight to make up for different weights of hay from different seasons.)  You can also leave blank to have Farmbrite estimate for you.

Note: If you use different types of bales of hay (large Round, small round, small rectangular) you can add those different types and weights in the inventory section.

  • Estimated cost is the amount each bale of hay costs. This may be the actual amount you paid for the hay or the estimated amount it costs you to produce.
  • Details and Notes are just an area to add anything you would like to note for this feeding.
  • The last field to enter is the feeding date and click save. (You can also back date or forward date feedings if needed.)


Quickly Add a Livestock Yield

If you are collecting eggs and want to add the yield to your Farmbrite record, we suggest using the Livestock Quick Add button. Associate the animal or set that you want to record the yield for, the amount and date it was harvested, batch and trace numbers if you are using them, grade or size, estimated revenue and notes.

You can also add this straight over to your inventory at the same time by clicking the button at the bottom, that says Save and add to inventory.

The next step is to add this yield to inventory so you can find it again later. Below is the screen that you will see if you click Save & Add to Inventory. 

Some of this information will auto-populate but you can begin to add the inventory type, warehouse and bin that you want to add this yield to. 

You can also record a loss here. To record a loss add the amount you are adding to your inventory (vs the amount that was harvested in the last step. Farmbrite will then ask what was the loss reason so you can keep track of that information and loss number for tracking purposes. Farmbrite will then calculate and graph the information on the next screen. This all shows up on the Yield tab under that particular Animal or Livestock Group.

Quick Add a Grazing Move

Adding a grazing move is very simple especially using the quick add buttons. Select the animal or animal group to be moved and then select the date and pasture or grazing location.

Quick Add a Crop Treatment

There is are lot of places to add information on the Crop Treatment form but know that you only need to add the information you need.  Add a crop or growing location to the Associate To area and the treatment type. You can add re-treatment dates, costs, dates, technician and other detail information to this form to keep track of this treatment. You can also add keywords here to separate this treatment out from others if you have multiple operations or if you just want to keep this item separate. 

Quick Add a Crop Harvest

Quickly adding harvest information can be a very helpful feature. Using the quick add for crop harvests lets you add information about one or multiple harvests. Select a growing location or crop, date harvested, revenue, batch and trace numbers, notes and the specific beds those items were harvested from. You can select multiple locations at this time for plants that harvest over and over. Be sure to keep track of your batches for traceability.

Quick Add/Remove From Inventory

If you need to quickly add or remove supplies or items from your inventory, you can select the Quick Add button, and then Use Inventory or Add Inventory.  You would likely use this for removing items not associated with feedings or treatments; this is more of a one off inventory removal, for things like the sprinkler drip hose in our example below. If adding, you might use this when you get a delivery of new parts and supplies, or make a run to the store to pick up needed items. 

For more information or questions about this functionality please contact our support center through the links on the main screen.