Getting Started With Reporting

We usually think of Reporting as one of the last things you'll "get started" with. Before making it here, you've likely come a long way on your Farmbrite journey. Maybe you've  planted crops and started tracking your harvest, or added your livestock and have them grazing in a field. Perhaps you've also added items to your schedule and tasks, and started working with your resources and equipment. Or maybe you've even sold some items in your Farmbrite Market and tracked your income and expenses with accounting transactions. No matter how you are using it so far, one of the biggest benefits of Farmbrite is your ability to have access to all of your business data in one place. The reporting section is your gateway to all that information. You'll have access to default reports that are helpful for all businesses, and also be able to create your own custom reports to find just what is important to you.

To start reporting on your data, simply select Reports from the main navigation menu. You'll find a list of all available reports here. 

Wow, that's a lot of reports! Notice that they are categorized by topic, making it easier to find what you are looking to report on. These standard reports come preloaded in Farmbrite, and provide you with commonly requested data to address many of your reporting needs. We encourage you to check out our Reports Glossary for more in depth details and explanations of what each report provides.  

You'll also find indivdiual articles in this section of the Help Center for each tab. 

Creating Custom Reports

If you don't find what you are looking for in the standard reports, you'll also be able to create your own custom reports. Farmbrite knows our customers have unique needs, so we've built a tool for you to design reports that meet them. You can choose your general reporting topic, and then add fields that are important to you. Your custom report can be sorted, grouped, and filtered to present the data in the most useful format, with just the records that meet your criteria. 

Also, be aware that many of the standard reports can be customized to add additional columns, filters, and criteria. Just look for the green Customize button in the upper right, and you'll be brought to the custom report builder with the existing fields and filters preloaded for you. 

Highlighted Reports

While the Reports Glossary referenced above is a great resource, we've also created additional articles that highlight some of the most commonly used reports. You can find detailed explanations and guides for them in the links below. 

Crop Harvest Report

Livestock Reproduction Report

Livestock Treatment Report

Livestock Yield Report

Accounts Receivable Report

If you still have questions about reporting after browsing the glossary and reading those articles, please feel free to reach out to us! We'd love to hear about the custom reports you create as well - maybe your creation will become a standard reports that others users will benefit from!