What's New - March 2024

Welcome to March! Spring is right around the corner, and we're hard at work starting seedlings and preparing for the new season here at the Farmbrite headquarters. We've made some updates to the system to help you better manage your users with new roles and permissions,  and inventory enhancements for images and QR codes. We have also improved the way you work with some dropdown menus you'll find across the system, and added 10 new commonly used Zapier integration templates. 

First, we've created six new user roles to help you assign responsibilities and ensure that the right people have access to the right features. This was one of the most requested improvements we heard in our annual survey. Be aware that the four previous roles are still available, and none of your users have changed automatically. You can update any of your existing users to a new role, or use these when creating new users. 

  • Operations Manager - This role might be used for someone who manages you day to day farm operations and staff. They have access to all operational features like livestock, plantings, resources, and the market, but they cannot access the accounting tab and financial data. Most importantly, other than Admins, this is the only role that can create users, and assign tasks and events to them. 
  • Accountant - A financial role that has full access to accounting features only. This includes financial reports and worksheet tools. This role has no access to any operational  information; they can only access the accounting tab. 
  • Shop Manager  - Used for someone who managers your online shop, they have full access to the entire Market section. This includes your online store settings, creating products, processing orders, adding and removing inventory, and working with contacts
  • Service Manager  - Used for someone who manages your equipment, tools, and inventory. They have full access to the Resources section, and can work with contacts. 
  • Warehouse Manager - Used for someone who manages your warehouse and inventory, they have limited access to Resources section, with access to inventory and warehouses only.
  • Laborer - This role is used for hired help that does not need access to your Farmbirte data other than tasks and events.  They can create, view, and update (but not delete) tasks and scheduled events that are currently assigned to them. They cannot see tasks assigned to others, but can work with unassigned tasks to pick up work from a to do task list.

Do you have ideas for additional roles? Let us know what else you're looking for after taking a look through these newly added options.

We've also made some updates to the Inventory system. You'll now find QR codes and the ability to upload images of each individual item. This can help you take better advantage of the Farmbrite Mobile Experience when working with inventory in your warehouse. The QR code can be printed and affixed to your storage locations, making it easy to scan and go directly to that item in Farmbrite. The images can be used as visual examples of what you have stored and where it's located.

You now have searchable drop down menus to some areas of the system, notably livestock and the market. When you assign an animal's genealogy, you can now more easily search to find the animal you are looking for by typing in the drop down menu. The same new feature is available when adding contacts and products to orders in the market, and when you use inventory items from the Quick Add menu.

You now have 10 prebuilt Zapier integration templates to use. Farmbrite has offered integrations through Zapier for about six months now, and we've seen many users add connections to various apps with it. We've now added these commonly created integrations as templates, so you can easily load and configure them for your needs. These include connections with Slack, Quickbooks, Asana, and Hubspot. What else do you use? Let us know what you've set up, or what you're looking to integrate with.

Always feel free to reach out and ask questions about any of our new features!