How can I create a user with limited access to my Farmbrite Account?

Not everyone on your farm needs access to all the data in your Farmbrite account. You might need to share business data with people, but not let them make changes to you system - letting them view the information, but not add or update it. Farmbrite has added two new user roles to allow you to accomplish this - Read Only and Auditor. 

You normally assign these user roles when creating new users, and are also able to update existing users to assign them these roles. You can do all of this under the Users option in the Account Menu in the upper right. 

Whether you click to create a New User, or access an existing one, you'll be able to assign the role on the User Details page. 

The two you'll want to consider for your limited access users would be Read Only and Auditor. Both of these roles prevent the user from making any changes to your system. They can't add animals or crops, nor adjust products, record transactions or treatments and measurements - they can look, but not make any updates. The biggest difference between the two is in what they can view. 

A Read Only User will have access to view Tasks, Schedules, Livestock and Crop information, Resources, and Contacts. 

An Auditor User will have access to view all the above, but also be granted permission to view Accounting, Reports, and Market data. This may be helpful for you to give access to a bookkeeper or accountant. 

Again,  both are limited access roles with only the ability to look - it's up to you what data you want them to see. Your financial data is sensitive information not to be shared with everyone, so be sure to only give the Auditor role to those who should have access to it. 

Still have questions about how you can use these? Reach out to us and we will be glad to assist!