What information can I enter in field details in Farmbrite?

When creating or editing a field’s details you can provide the following information.

  • Field or bed name
  • Year: The year this filed is in production
  • Whether the field is continually in production or a Multi-Year Field (eg; Orchards)
  • The Area of the field and it’s unit of measure (“Square Feet”, “Linear Feet”, “Acres”, “Hectars”, “Square Meters”)
  • The Status of the field (“Active”, “Fallow”, “Leased”, “Other”)
  • Field Performance (“Poor”, “OK”, “Average”, “Good”, “Excellent”)
  • A Description of the field

You can also access the following features for that field using the secondary tabs:

  • Field Map
  • Field Crop List
  • Field Layout
  • Field Calendar
  • Field Notes