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Getting Started with Farmbrite

Getting Started with your Farmbrite account

Where do you begin with Farmbrite? Start at the beginning! This short article will walk you through the steps of getting started setting up your farm. Learn how to add livestock, and crops, equipment, accounting, add tasks and more.

Take your time and don't be afraid of trying things in the software. You can always delete it later. It's always a little time consuming learning a new thing. Give it a little time and we are always here to help you if you need.

When you are just starting out in Farmbrite it may be helpful to just get a lay of the land before you go in and enter all your information. This is so you get to see how things work. 

You can do this by setting up a few test entries. Go through each tab up at the top of the page and enter one entry, it can be an actual entry or something you can delete later. Once you have some info in your account some of the deeper pages will appear which will allow you to enter even more information. 

If you come up with a question that you can't find the answer to in this help center site, send us an email. We're happy to help with your problem or questions. 

Let's get started.

Your Farmbrite Dashboard

This is a snapshot of the first screen you might come to in Farmbrite, your homepage. While this pages doesn't look exciting right now, just wait till you start entering information. This page will give you lots of valuable data about your farm once you begin entering data. When you're just getting started this page might look something like this but the information will fill out once you've entered data about your farm or ranch.

Just start going through the tabs on the left side navigation to enter information. 

Farm schedule 

The next tab will show you your schedule. Here you can schedule activities or enter tasks that need to be completed (that you don't want to forget) or tasks that you would like to assign to your staff. 

Your farm schedule has two ways of entering items:

  1. Activities are time sensitive items you schedule on your calendar such as events, meetings, or other time sensitive activities.
  2. Tasks are items on your To-Do list. These are often items that you have scheduled and need to check off from a list of items.

You can also put your employee schedule here. The employees can see when they are scheduled if you give them access to this calendar. Alternatively, if they don't have access you can keep track of their hours, what they specifically did, and what day they worked.

Farm Tasks

Under the schedule tab you will find your task list. This shows you a list of tasks that are coming up or needed to be done today, this week or as far out as you plan.

This keeps things at the front of your mind so you don't forget them. Your staff will also see the tasks that are assigned to them on their task menu. Just check them off to clear them from your shown list. 

Completed Tasks

To check them off your list simply click on the check box on the left side and when you navigate away from that page or create another task the task will be checked off you list. 

To see completed tasks click on the "show completed" button at the top of the page. This will show you all your completed tasks. Simply click, "hide completed" to navigate back to the open task list. 

Also helpful to know is that you can enter tasks specific to a field, livestock, plant or equipment.

Entering Specific tasks

You can enter tasks specific to a field, livestock, plant or equipment. For instance, you can create a reminder to check on your bee hive. This will create an event on your farm calendar in Farmbrite. 

Use the checklist feature to create a task list or notes in the event so that you or your staff knows exactly what needs to be checked. When you click on that link it will take you right to that item (livestock, plant, field, equipment) and then you can make notes, add treatments, save a photo as well as many other tasks.

You can also associate the task to a resource, livestock or crop.

You can change the look of your task board as well. There is a button in the top right hand corner of the task board that let's you choose from a list or a board. (Don't worry, you can switch back if you don't like the new layout.)

Entering Livestock into Farmbrite

On your main Livestock tab you will see all your animals that you've entered, charts and graphs about breeding statuses and animal types, and an overview of your animals grazing. 

You have a few choices to enter your livestock:

1.) Enter one animal at a time

2.) Upload a CSV file from a previously saved file

3.) Create a group of animals

Once you enter your livestock your charts and graphs will start to fill out and will look similar to the charts below.

By clicking into each specific animal it will open up many other fields to collect data. You can find more information and specifics about entering your livestock here.

Entering Plants In Farmbrite

The next tab is the crops tab. Go to the "My Crops" tab and this is where you enter the information from the seed packets. For instance you can add type of seeds, seed spacing, days to maturity, light profile, etc. 

* Entering seed packet data - Don't skip this step - It's important to note here that inputting data here will help you calculate harvest dates and other important dates for you. There are many already preloaded for you but you can also enter this data yourself.

* Entering estimated revenue - Don't skip this step - Inputting this estimate here will help calculate harvest estimates revenue on your harvest totals.

Once you have a plant entered (or uploaded) you can assign them to fields.

Setting up Growing Locations in Farmbrite

Set up grazing fields, greenhouses, row crops or beds easily in the "Grow Locations" tab. You can specify what type of layout you have and input specific information about that field such as light profile, type of field, status, etc.    

Once you create the grow location (and designate your field layout type) and save it you will see many other data fields become available to enter information.

Go here for more information on setting up your grow locations. Alternatively, you can search the help center site for more information.

Entering Equipment in Farmbrite

Entering and keeping track of your farm equipment is easy to do with Farmbrite. You can keep track of maintenance records, online manuals, documents associated with the equipment, photos and more.

You can enter your equipment in two ways:

1.)Enter all your equipment in Farmbrite all at once with a CSV file

2.) Enter each piece one at a time

Once you've entered your equipment more data fields will begin to open up such as details, task, notes, images and more.

Another nice feature that you will find associated with all your records including your equipment is a QR code. (Square box in the top right corner.) You can print this out and make quick notes using your mobile phone. 

(Note: to use the QR scanner you must have the mobile version of Farmbrite and a QR scanner app on your phone.)

For more information about setting up your equipment go here or search the articles here in the help center.

Getting set up in Accounting

Your accounting tab gives you access to your farm financials. This is set up very much like the other tabs. Once you start to enter information you will see charts and graphs and a quick snapshot of your farm financial picture begins to form. For more in depth information see the reports. 

Entering a transaction in Farmbrite

You can enter transactions two ways:

1.) Upload all your transactions from a CSV file 

2.) Enter each transaction separately

(Note: To keep your data secure we do not communicate with your bank. You can download your data from your bank and then upload it into Farmbrite using a CSV file.) 

You can find more information about the Farmbrite accounting tab here.

Getting your online Market set up

Your online market is an easy way to sell your items online. You can keep track of orders and inventory here as well. Take a few minutes to set up your store, pickup locations and specific items you will sell. 

Find out more about setting up your online market here.

Setting up your Contacts in Farmbrite

Your contacts tab is your new way to keep all your farm business contacts in one place. You don't have to keep cards around or search around for small pieces of paper with the number you need anymore. Input it into Farmbrite.

This can include your customers, veterinary, farm staff, irrigation repair, family, friends, whomever you need.

For more information about entering contacts go here or search the help center.

Setting up your Farm Map

Trace your property boundary, set up fields and view your farm from the Farm map tab. 

(Note: This is a Google map. Occasionally Google will not map your farm correctly. We apologize for this. Usually you can scroll to the right area.)

Setting up your Reports In Farmbrite

The reporting features is where you can really dig in to your data and see where you are finding profit or loss. There are two types of reports to view:

1.) Standard reports

2.) Custom reports 

Standard Reports

We have a created several standard reports for you that anticipate things that you might want to see on your farm or ranch. 

Custom Reports

You can create all types of custom reports using this feature. Because every agricultural operation is different we find giving you flexibility is key. Creating custom reports will let you drill down to the specific information that you need specific to your farm. 

You can find more information about the reporting features by searching this help center site. Please let us know if you have any questions.