Adding Pregnancy Checks

After you have created a breeding record, you'll want to keep tabs on that animal to check its condition and status. You can mark the breeding as successful, failed, or set a task to recheck again in a few days. Having this data recorded helps you determine what methods were most successful and what animals might be most fertile. This can help you improve efficiencies for your livestock operation. 

Similar to creating the initial breeding record, you'll have options when adding the Pregnancy Check records. You can add them to an individual animal or to multiple selected animals at once. 

Adding Pregnancy Checks for Individual Animals

You can easily add updates to a breeding record for an individual animal by navigating to that animal's record. It might be helpful for you to first filter your animal list for Exposed status to find the animals you'd like to create pregnancy checks for. After you select the animal you want to work with, navigate to the Breeding section, and then click the Pregnancy Check button

From here, you can supply a date, result, and method used to check. 

  • For Result Status, you can select from Exposed, Failed, Pregnant, Recheck, or Open. 
  • For Check Methods, select from Blood test, Milk Test, Urine Test, Palpation, Ultrasound, or a Manual test. 

In this example our test was inconclusive, so we will recheck in a week. We've added a task to remind us to complete this again in 7 days. 

After rechecking and finding a successful pregnancy, you can also add the number of weeks pregnant, and an optional additional comment.

Adding Pregnancy Checks for Multiple Animals in Bulk

If you have many pregnancy check records to add, you might select all the animals you want to work with first, and then add the check records in bulk. Just check the animals from your livestock page, and then choose Pregnancy Check from the Bulk Actions menu. 

Now that you've recorded a positive pregnancy check, you'll easily be able to record the birth after the gestation period. Move on to the next article in this section to learn how! If you still have questions about pregnancy checks, feel free to reach out to us