How can I record watering my crops and tilling the soil?

Some of the most basic actions you might do with your crops would be watering them, and possibly tilling your soil from time to time. Both of these can be recorded under the grow location and planting treatment sections. Just navigate to the the indivdiual planting that you are watering or the grow location that you are tilling, and choose to create a new Treatment. 

In the example below we are using the Bulk Actions feature to water two plantings at once, but you can perform the same action from an individual planting, or from a grow location/field/bed. We're also using water stored in our cistern that we track in our Farmbrite  inventory to be sure we account for the usage. That's optional, but we want you to know it's possible! 

In this next image, we are tilling our Beets Bed location. Note that we don't have to provide a lot of details here; just a quick description of what we did so we have a record.