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How do I add a calendar event for equipment?

Track to do items, tasks or important dates associated with specific equipment on the calendar page. This will merge into the master calendar. Just like the master schedule you can keep track of import activities that need to be completed or were completed for your equipment. Simply click “New Activity” or click and drag on a time range on the calendar to create a new event. You can enter the following for each calendar event / activity:

  • Title
  • Details / Information
  • Whether or not it’s an all day activity
  • The start and end dates and times
  • Whether to track as a “To Do” (See more information below)
  • Whether the event repeats and if so how often.

All calendar events created will not only show up on this page, but will also be visible on the master Schedule.

New Activity or Event

Add the description, date, track as a To-Do and color code the activity.

New Task or To Do

Set up a new task or To-Do item in your calendar. It will ask you to enter the Title, Description, Due date, Time, who it's assigned to and the  color code.

When you set a calendar event as a To Do it will not only be saved on your calendar, but will also show up on the Dashboard as part of your To Do List.

You are only able to assign To-Dos to another person that has been set us as a user on your account.