Adding Scheduled Events For Equipment

Farmbrite helps you keep up to date with equipment events and appointments with the Calendar feature. Perhaps you want to create a reminder for an appointment you have with a local mechanic who will be coming by to work on your tractor. Or maybe you need to be alerted to the upcoming service interval for your farm truck. Local events that require the equipment could be useful here too - how about adding an appointment to display that tractor in the local parade? Whatever you need to be alerted and reminded of, Farmbrite has you covered with the Equipment Calendar feature. 

To make a calendar appointment for a piece of equipment, navigate to Resources in the main menu, select Equipment, and then Calendar. Click the New Event Button, and add information about this event. 

You can track the following information about your appointment:

  • Title - The name of the event to display on your calendar. 
  • Start and End Times/All Day Event - When does this appointment start, and when is it done? You can also optionally mark it as an all day event if it does not have specific hours and instead occurs throughout the whole day. 
  • Description - Add some notes and details about the event. 
  • Associate To - This will be preloaded with your piece of equipment. 
  • Assigned To - You can assign this event to another Farmbrite user to have it populated on their calendar as well. 
  • Color - This is just for fun and up to your personal tastes - what color do you want this appointment to display as on your calendar?
  • Repeats - If this event repeats routinely, select the interval here.

When done, be sure to click Save to add this appointment to your calendar.