Average Daily Gain

After you add measurements to Farmbrite, you'll see an average daily gain calculated for the animal. 

This is shown in two ways on the record. 

1. An average daily gain over the life of the animal since it's first recorded measurement

2. An average daily gain since the last previously recorded measurement

Both of these can be key performance indicators for your livestock. The average over the life of the animal might help you breed for strong performing livestock, and the average over a given period may help you identify problems with diet, illness, or parasites. 

You can find both of these under the Measurements tab on an animal's record. In the example below, the ADG of 0.69 lbs/day is an average of all the measurement records, while the 1.43 lbs is the average gained per day in the last measurement. You can see the average daily gain between measurements on each measurement record as well. 

You can also add this field to custom reports and livestock groups so you can easily see it across multiple animals. The field "Average Daily Gain" shows the average over the lifespan since first measurement, while the field "Average Daily Gain - Last Measurement" will display the average daily gain between the most recent measurements.  In the example below we've added it to our group of goats, and can see that one is actually losing weight since the last measurement, which might prompt additional testing and treatments.